Introduction to Microeconomics

Introduction to Microeconomics (eBook)


This eBook provides an introduction to basic microeconomic concepts and theories, allowing the reader to develop a fundamental understanding of microeconomics.

It covers the majority of microeconomic topics within AP and A Level Economics, ranging from Market Structures to Production and Costs, to Elasticity of Demand.

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Terry, USA

“This really helped me with my AP exams and made it easy for me to go through the key topics”

Greg, UK
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“I am very happy with this book, if you enjoy learning about economics this is a book you would love. There is a lot of explanations, each made simple and easy to understand.”

Rahul, India
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“I learn lot from this book. It easy to read. I recommend this book.”

Emily, UK
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“Interesting read with good comparisons, making it easy to understand even for those with limited economics understanding like myself. Highly recomend!”


Introduction to Microeconomics is designed to give the reader the understand of key concepts ranging from scarcity and choice, to supply and demand, to market failure and the role of government.

It covers the core areas both within AP economics in the US and A level economics in the UK. It is also useful for those who are looking to get a better understand of microeconomics and gain a better understanding of the domestic economic system.

  1. Scarcity and Choice
  2. Opportunity Cost and the Division of Labor
  3. Economic Systems
  4. Supply and Demand
  5. Price Elasticity
  6. Market Efficiency
  7. Theory of Consumer Choice
  8. Production and Costs
  9. Firm Behaviour and Market Structure
  10. Market Failure and the role of Government
  11. Information, Risk, and Insurance
  12. Taxation

Product Details

Language : English
Paperback : 468 pages
Publisher : BoyceWire; 1st edition (25 May 2021)