Paul Boyce

Paul is a Business Economics graduate from the UK and currently an editor at Boycewire

Picture of San Francisco Homeless

San Francisco’s Homeless Crisis

The homeless rate in San Francisco reached over 9,700 people in 2019. That is an increase of 30 percent in two years. Such a large upsurge now brings the city’s homeless to among the highest in the USA.

'Freedom Dividend'- man holding money

Andrew Yang’s ‘Freedom Dividend’ Doesn’t Add Up

Universal Basic Income: Andrew Yang’s ‘Freedom Dividend’ Doesn’t Add Up Even under Yang’s optimistic and implausible estimates, he still falls short of the $3 trillion needed.   The answer to fund the Freedom Dividend, will invariably be either greater government spending, or higher taxes. Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, is running on a proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI). Or …

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Free Trade Shipping containers

The Importance of Free Trade

True free markets don’t exist anywhere in the world. This is because free markets and free trade go hand in hand. There exists no country that has free trade with every other. Although Hong Kong doesn’t operate a tariff regime, it is unable to export its products and services to others free of tariffs. Free market ideologies such as neoliberalism are attacked and concluded that they have failed.

free market with people buying and selling

Why Free Markets are Important

According to the Collins Dictionary, a free market is an economic system that allows supply and demand to regulate prices, wages, etc, rather than government policy. To be defined as a free market, government must not be involved at any point during the exchange. This means that there is no government intervention, whether in the form of subsidies, tariffs and quotas, or regulation.